Motorcycle setup software

Motorcycle setup software


Motorcycle setup software is indispensable for anyone involved in  designing or modifying a motorcycle, setting up sport or racing motorcycles, achieving improved comfort and handling, students and anyone wanting to better understand the workings of suspension systems.

Click here to get User’s manual  and here for videos.


Motorcycle setup software

The modern era in suspension design was initiated when Yamaha announced their “cantilever” system, and employed just one suspension unit – “Monoshock”. Initially the Yamaha version was designed for moto-cross to extend wheel movement, and this led to a wide variety of alternative rear suspension systems by several manufacturers. These quickly spread into most other forms of motorcycling, including racing and road use. Many of these “new” designs also incorporated movement geometries that gave varying degrees of progression.  The Motorcycle setup software was created to analyse such systems.

Whilst these progressive systems offer a much wider range of set-up options, they have also been the source of much confusion. Most people find it more difficult to understand the precise behaviour of the suspension action. It is usually necessary to go through awkward step by step physical measurement and tedious geometric plotting, to get an idea of the characteristics.

This software is designed to make that job easy. It is only necessary to enter some dimensional data to automatically get detailed information about any suspension design. It becomes a rapid exercise to investigate many different permutations of any design.

To get a better understanding of the software capabilities.

Click to download the user manual

Click to checkout the instructional videos.

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  1. You might think about adding a discussion forum to your website. It helps drive trafic to the site.

  2. Dennis, thanks for the suggestion. I do plan to start a regular blog but adding a forum as you suggest is something that I will now look into.

    1. There are many users running the software on a Mac through a Windows emulator or similar. I think that WINE is often used.

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