The QL (Quantum Leap) was a motorcycle that I built in the early 1980s which incorporated ideas which I had formed 20 years previously. It had a single one piece body which functioned as large luggage space as well as the obvious rider support and wind protection. I have no styling talent as the first illustration clearly shows, fortunately Dan Parry-Williams got to hear about the project and offered some sketches. As soon as I saw his work I knew that we were on the same page and we worked together to turn his concept into reality. As you can see the finished article is very close to the initial concept sketches. Model wind tunnel tests indicated a drag of about 65% that of a stock BMW.
The front suspension was also unconventional. Despite its bulbous appearance the whole machine was considerably lighter than the donor BMW. Handling was excellent. Although designed as a single seat machine using a BMW airhead engine there were two dual seat machines made, one being with a Ducati engine.
See the Q2 gallery for photos of the QL successor, a flash bike version, a bike to promenade on without the practicality of the QL. The Q2 bodywork was also another of Dan’s efforts.

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