These are 32+ bit PC programmes and are compatible with Windows 9x and later, and should work with a Windows emulator on MACs, Linux and other 32 bit OS.

All of these programmes are in a single zip file which can be downloaded from the products page.  Click here

NOTE:  There are references in some of these programmes to an old website and email with tonyfoale in the link .  Those references no longer work, use instead.

Steering Geometry calculator.

This programme calculates steering geometry parameters. Rake, trail and offset.

CoG and weight distribution calculator.

This programme calculates the mass centre, moments of inertia and weight distribution of a motorcycle when the masses and CoG locations of various components are input. In addition there is information to help with calculating CoG positions for riders. 

CoG and weight distribution calculator 2.

Different to the programme above. This software calculates the CoG position based on data from weight measurements of the assembled motorcycle. 

Structural sections calculator.

This programme calculates and saves the structural properties of round and rectangular sections such as used in chassis construction.

Tube profile cutting guide.

This programme called “TubeMiter” was written by Giles Puckett and is here with his permission. You can input sizes of two round tubes that you wish to join together by notching one of them, the programme will then allow you to print a paper template which can be wrapped around the tube as a guide to cut the right shape. It will handle tube sizes of up to about 80 mm. diam. This limit is set by the size of the paper in your printer. This programme has no use unless you are actually constructing a tubular structure.

Engine balance-factor analysis

Analyzes the out of balance forces on a single cylider engine with different balance factors

Drum brake calculator

Calculates the effects of drum brake configuration, such as lining lead and lag, on braking performance. It considers both leading and trailing shoes.


A calculator to determine spring rate from dimensions of an existing spring or to find physical parameters given the spring rate.


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