(c) Tony Foale Sept. 1986

You may remember from last month that Dan Parry- Williams won our bike design competition and Bob Blackman came in second. Well, having just finished at college, Bob was in the, market for gainful employment. He has therefore been recruited to make the bodywork patterns and moulds. While he obviously would rather be constructing his own design, he has settled into the task with vigour and complains very little.

In addition to the work shown, the finished moulds for the screen have been completed and are with Brian Wightman of Acrybre Products, where the screens will be produced. This has been arranged at an early stage on the advice of Brian, whose vast experience with this type of work has shown that sometimes there are some discrepancies between the mouId and the finished screens. By having an actual screen, we will be able to fit the fibreglass moulds to the screen itself to ensure perfect mating. Just wait until you --see next month's progress pics!