Q2 preamble.

(c) Tony Foale 1997

The Q2 was a flash bike follow-on from the QL which had been designed as a practical everyday machine, with a sporting performance capable of being ridden long distances in a day. A GT in the original sense of the term. The Q2 on the otherhand was first and foremost meant as a machine to be seen on. Although not intended to be as practical as the QL, handling and performance were not going to be sacrificed.

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During the initial design stage of the Q2 in 1986, SuperBike magazine approached me with the idea of building them a project bike with the bodywork designed by a reader, to be chosen through a design competition in the magazine. After a short discussion it was decided to base the bike on the Q2 and that the "production" models would feature the same design of bodywork.

As with any such project, various delays were inevitable but about a year after choosing the bodywork design there were actual machines out on the road.