Motochassis Introduction

Motochassis Introduction

Motochassis is for those interested in the fascinating subject of motorcycle handling and chassis.  There are numerous articles and illustrations on the theme of motorcycles and racing in general.

It is also the prime source for the book “Motorcycle Handling and Chassis Design” by Tony Foale which is generally regarded as the standard reference on the subject.  Also available are software packages for motorcycle suspension setup and analysis. 

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17/05/2018 was the launch date of this new web site to replace the site.  A few weeks back we had problems with our web hosting service.  After we got that sorted out it seemed like it was time for a brand new site which would be phone and tablet friendly unlike the old one.

We will be adding more content on a more regular basis than happened with the old site.  Right now not all of the gallery and articles from the old site are available because we want to reorganise and improve those items before uploading.  Most of that should happen over the next week or two.  We have also streamlined the purchase and checkout system to make that faster and more familiar.  Until this new site has the old content loaded, links to specific pages that abound on the net should still function OK.

Most of this new site has been deliberately made with black text on a white background to help colour blind viewers and to avoid problems on mobile devices.

Comments are welcome and we have added a simple contact form under the “Contact” menu item at the page top.

A photo of Tony Foale racing ( Motochassis )

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